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BELLANY ice creams are all natural gelato & sorbet made from the finest selection of fresh fruits from Vietnam and imported frozen fruits from Europe (raspberry, apricot, cherry). Our ice creams are less fat and less sweet than regular ice-creams.


Gelato is made with dairy products and provides you with a rich pleasure of fresh milk & imported whipped cream from New Zealand.
A nice measurement of sugar in our recipes is adapted to major customers' tastes and expectations of healthy products - while ensuring the full taste of our fruits and ingredients.

Less fat - Less sugar - More fruits !


Sorbet is based on a non-fat recipe and made without dairy ingredients (as milk and whipping cream). They offer all the richness, freshness and pleasure of fruits. We use a complicated formulation for a maximum fruit satisfaction and to satisfy high-end expectations.

No fat - Less sugar - More fruits !

We offer an extensive selection of flavors from international (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, caramel,…) to Asian ones (green bean, taro, soursop,…) and innovative and surprising flavors throughout the year divided into 3 different lines :

Classic Flavour

• The best quality/price ratio in natural ice cream
• Price, taste and quality satisfaction
• Wide selection of classic flavors

Vanilla2 Strawberry1 Choco1 Passion Fruit1 23cham

Premium Flavour

• A high-level quality natural ice cream at affordable price
• Full flavor and richness of fruits
• For ice cream lovers and connoisseurs
• An extensive choice of flavors

 Cocoruch1     Caramel (6)  Cerise1  Redberries3cham

Gourmet Flavour

• For professional
• Top-level quality natural ice cream 
• The finest ingredients in the market
• Surprising and innovative flavors
• Signature flavors and limited edition

 Vanilla Caramelnut Mojito Vanilla Gung    Coriander B3cham